Why choose us?

We save you precious time

Forget unnecessary queuing time with our boxes delivered straight to your doorstep.

We do not keep produce stocks

The second our produce shipment arrives within our premises, it’s directly distributed into boxes and delivered to your doorstep the following day. Moreover, thanks to our subscription-only based model we know in advance the exact needed quantities, which allow us to avoid waste, ordering directly from the farms the right amount.

We care a lot for freshness

We are very proud to have the shortest supply chain available in the UAE. It takes only 3 days for our produce to leave the farms to be delivered to your doorstep.

We source

our organic produce mostly from European farms and from Asia and Africa for tropical fruits.

We guarantee

that our organic produce has the Organic Certification and that our conventional produce has very high standards certification as well.

We’re your natural choice!

  • So instead of hunting for decent fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, browse through our collection and simply click a button!
  • Instead of digging around in your wallet for change, effortlessly pay online.
  • Instead of compromising on flavor and texture, choose our delicious produce.
  • And if you’re worried about your kid not eating their greens, they will definitely change their minds after getting a taste of Farmbox premium produce.
  • Oh and, one more thing! There’s no room for boredom in our Boxes! Our selection changes every week!

Meet the Farm Box family

Romain Ollivier

Romain spent his childhood in the lovely French countryside of Normandy, in a little town called Acqueville. He was raised on his family’s farm, so waking up to the sight of endless green fields and cows mooing in the sunshine was an everyday routine. His parents lovingly maintained a blooming kitchen garden and even had a team of hens clucking all over the place. They ate off the land – only consuming fruits, vegetables and eggs sourced from their own farm.

After leaving home at 19 to pursue his studies abroad, Romain found himself missing the simple joys of his childhood. The comforting taste of homegrown potatoes, the fresh tartness of a tomato that’s just been snapped off its vine, the dark yellow of an egg laid by your own hen! While Romain was immersed in worldly luxuries during his stints in Canada, North America, Singapore, and Dubai – none of them could compete with a hearty meal at his parents’ little farm.

Blending his nostalgia with entrepreneurial spirit, Romain has joined forces with his partners and launched Farm Box. He’s conducted deep research into European farming and has built a large network of family-operated farms from where he supplies his produce. All this just so that he doesn’t have to describe his childhood to his customers, but give them an actual taste of it!

Charles Dalle

Charles was born and raised in Paris, and is much too familiar with the urban struggle of finding healthy food in the city. His family owns a vineyard in the south of France (Château de Campuget) where he was educated about the excellent products from the French terroir. Charles has always nurtured a gourmet’s soul and businessman’s mentality, Farm Box being his second passion project. The first was DandyBox, a successful subscription e-commerce company. An inventor at heart, Charles is always looking to enhance everyday life with a seamless solution. DandyBox was an innovative box concept that instantly burrowed itself deep into its customers’ hearts.

It was when he worked with the renowned beauty and cosmetics company, L’Oreal in Hong Kong, that his appreciation for the finer things in life was heightened. This soon seeped into his culinary choices, and now Charles’ cooking is accented with some of the best organic ingredients he can get his hands on. Those who subscribe to Farm Box will receive this very degree of intense quality.

Pierre Gillet

Born in Paris, Pierre has always enjoyed fine cuisine. Over the years he has developed a strong interest in fresh and natural food. He firmly believes that good nutrition is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. He cares about the environment and expect the food industry to be much more transparent.

During the day, Pierre grows his successful career in e-commerce, specialized in operations and customer experience. He spent four years working in Thailand for a reputable e-commerce company. His flight out of the country brought him to Dubai, where he was acquainted with Romain and Charles. After swapping ideas and business cards, the trio has now taken a plunge into a shared venture – Farm Box!


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Physical Address: Astrolabs Cluster R JLT – Dubai – UAE
Contact Number: +971 58 961 2864
For all customer service request, please contact Anne via our chat or at anne@farmbox.ae
For all partnership, PR , corporate or marketing purposes, please contact us at marketing@farmbox.ae

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