ماي فارمبوكس

From: AED every 2 أسابيع

!مع فارمبوكس لا داعي للقلق بعد الآن بشأن الحصول على منتجات طازجة كل أسبوع! اختر مجموعتك من الخضار والفواكه والبيض والحليب ليتم توصيلها إلى منزلك

  • توصيل المنتجات الأساسية الأسبوعية إلى منزلك
  • إختر مجموعتك
  • المنتجات التقليدية الممتازة والعضوية متوفرة
  • يمكنك إلغاء الطلبية في أي وقت

الفواكه / الخضار / الحليب والبيض / خيارات التوصيل

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  • 5 star rating  We love FarmBox. We had previously signed up for delivery every other week but couldn't get enough so we changed to weekly. Every week we look forward to seeing what's been sent to us. We decide what meals to make based on what's been delivered. It's the peak of summer now and the produce looks much better than what I can buy at the grocery store. Delivery is on time and fresh....can't ask for anything more!

    Melissa Elsen Avatar Melissa Elsen

    5 star rating  Wonderful fresh produce, beautifully packaged, sent right to my door. I wish there was a LOVE button and more stars to explain how great this service is.

    Karina Mahoney Avatar Karina Mahoney
  • 5 star rating  Excellent service and customer care. If you love fresh organic fruits and vegetables this is it!

    Yuma Treguer Avatar Yuma Treguer

    5 star rating  So nice ! All the week it's a surprise for me and my children . We open the box like a treasure � thanks

    Marion Offret Avatar Marion Offret
  • 5 star rating  This is an amazing service. The fruits and veggies are always fresh, delivery is reliable and they are always ready to help with any changes on your order. It is great to be able to find fresh food here at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!!!

    Pinar Peker Avatar Pinar Peker

    5 star rating  the best organic fruits and vegetables #farmbox

    Gener Manalili Avatar Gener Manalili
  • 5 star rating  I absolutely love the small Organic European box. Every week I look forward to the deliveries. I'm eating so much healthier now and a wider variety of foods! These deliveries have helped me get back to basic healthy eating as I don't shop at the grocery store for much now;) Thank you so much I'm very happy I decided to give you guys a try��

    Keisha McCauley Avatar Keisha McCauley

    5 star rating  Receiving some delivery of organic fruit & veg is just so convenient when you work! I like the fact that it is easy to order or to put on hold! Service is good, prices are affordable... keep up the good work!!

    Leslie Mallart Avatar Leslie Mallart
  • 5 star rating  Very happy about the content, especially the fruits, which were very fresh. A good diversity, with a mix of things to eat quickly and others that can wait until the next box. One thing I really liked was the service provided by the customer service team. I had an evening appointment on the day of the delivery and requested a delivery on the first half of the slot. The team arranged it for us and the box was delivered well on time. Highly appreciated especially considering delivery slots can often be hit and miss here in the UAE. Well done team.

    Jean DIMCA Avatar Jean DIMCA

    5 star rating  Really impressed with our first delivery yesterday we will definitely be doing this on a permanent basis. My son was already asking this morning when the next box would be arriving!

    Samantha Armstrong Avatar Samantha Armstrong
  • 5 star rating  Greats products from the farms. Very convenient for people with busy life. No need to be home they can leave the box I front of my door !!! Honestly before i used to go to the supermarket but it’s a waist of time. When you can be delivered ! Friendly and professional team ! Nothing to add !!!!

    Pauline Ben Avatar Pauline Ben

    5 star rating  Such good quality, great variety of fruit and vegetable. The kids are trying different things as a result and I'm forced to find new recipes! Also, was so easy to put on hold for 3 weeks in the summer. Highly recommended!

    Samantha Logan Avatar Samantha Logan
How does it work ?

Purchasing your first box will automatically trigger your subscription.
The day of delivery, frequency, size, box type, choosen for the first box will be used for the upcoming deliveries. It can be changed anytime in your account.

Payment Process

We make it easy and convenient for you !

Your credit card will be charged automatically after each delivery. No need to get any cash ready, Best hassle free solution !

We do not store any credit card details, the payment are processed thanks to an agreement in between your bank and our payment gateway managed by NBAD.
After each delivery, our payment gateway sends a signal to your bank that will trigger the payment.

We accept Visa and Mastercard


You can stop your subscription very easily. The only requirement we have is that you cancel at least 2 days before your next delivery, If you cancel less than 2 days your next delivery we will have to charge you for that delivery, as we order in advance the exact amount of produces from our farm network.

To cancel your subscription you can do it from your account panel on the website, or by sending an email to

Refunds :

For any exceptional valid reason (box not delivered, damaged fruits/veg) it is very easy for us to give you an instant refund.

Delivery :

We will deliver you on the specified day during the selected time slot. You will be notified by SMS before the delivery and you will even be able to track our drivers on a GPS Map !
If you are not home no worries ! If you request it, our drivers will simply leave the box on your doorstep.

Subscription policy :

You can put on hold or cancel the subscription at anytime ! However, note that to ensure the highest quality possible, we order the right amount of produces to our farmers 3 days before your delivery. It means that we need to have 3 days notice when you want to pause or cancel your delivery, otherwise we will have to charge your box, but to make you feel better about it, we give all these undelivered boxes to charity associations that provide the worked around the UAE with better food !


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في حال لم يكن أحد المنتجات المختارة من قبلك متوفرا وبالتالي لم تجده في الصندوق الّذي قمت بطلبه، سوف نقوم بخصم قيمة هذا المنتج من المجموع الواجب سداده

!بالطبع يمكنك! ما عليك سوى التوجه إلى الصفحة الخاصة بحسابك، واختيار الصندوق الّذي سبق أن قمت باختيار محتوياته، وإجراء أي تغيير

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