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We deliver the most delicious fruits and veggies to the entire Continental United Arab Emirates. Our mission is to bring to your family healthy organic delight to support our farmers. Organic fruits and vegetables refer to livestock that is grown on the farm without the application of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and without using genetically modified organisms. From the support of the shortest supply chain system in UAE, We delivered the organic delight within two or three days. FarmBox –Delicious & healthy organic meal service conserves your time and automates your online shopping process of organic fruits and veggies. Our motive of healthy living is a journey and each meal is a choice. We desire to inspire, educate and empower people to eat healthier and live the better life. Newly harvested organic meal delivered every week so enjoy the healthy & hassle free organic eating with Organic fruit and vegetable Al Ain

The Organic certification process

FarmBox works with European farmers, as in Europe the obtention of the Organic certification encounter as a strictest in the world. The Organic fruits and vegetables are sourced from modest family-operated farms of Europe which are located mainly in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Organic certification programs were created in many parts of the world to develop a label for organic food. The organic label doesn’t show that a particular organic product is more nutritious, pesticide-free and tastier, it only indicates that the organic product was grown following a defined set of organic practices as certified by an accredited state or federal. Here the organic fruits and vegetable Sharjah are stamped with Organic European Certification. Europe maintains scrupulous standards that receive its approval should pass a series of rigorous quality tests.

Buying Organic is Easier and More Affordable than Ever Before

Here with us Organic fruits and veggies are not prepared using chemical fertilizers and it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and might not affect the human body in negative ways. People usually complain that organic food is too expensive as competitively to local food. But now, organics are becoming more affordable for the online buyer and there are plenty of ways to save money on organic fruits and veggies online buying. Buy Organic Fruit and vegetable online with the preferable weekly delivery schedule with online subscription method.

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