Farmbox was founded on a commitment to deliver fresh from farm to kitchen produce from both organic and conventional growers who share this commitment to consistently provide the finest fruits and vegetables possible, while maintaining strict farming standards and high regards to a sustainable environment.


European Organic Produce range

We work mostly with European farmers as they have the strictest policies in the world in terms of Organic Certification, and constantly try to enhance our network of trustful family-run organic farms. Certified Organic fruits and vegetables are grown or farmed entirely without use of any artificial chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms as organic farmers, processors and traders must comply with strict EU requirements to be able to use the EU organic logo or label their products as organic.


Local Organic & Conventional Produce range

This is a mix of both locally-sourced organic produce and conventionally grown produce.
With no compromise quality, the family farms we work with strive to produce the freshest, best tasting, safest local produce, both conventionally and organically grown. In these types of farms, produce is grown using only harmless and safe treatments. You will never find in our boxes any produce that has been over exposed to chemicals, nor polished with wax to look appealing.

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