A balanced diet, regular physical activity, and lifestyle management play a key role in prevention and control of many diseases. Our healthy eating habits promote life in a positive manner. FarmBox -Healthier Organic delight of fruits and vegetables are European certified and contain a higher quantity of vitamins and minerals, which results in a better quality of health. Our European farmers take modern scientific knowledge and combine them with useful traditional farming methods.

farmbox-dubai-organic-foodHow do the Organic Farms work?

Organic farms are safer for farm workers. Organic farming doesn’t mean going back to methods used hundreds of years ago. So instead they adopt the technique to nourish crops and protect the soil which reduces ground water pollution, use less energy & less water. Organic farming is the production of crops and livestock without a use of synthetic chemicals and inorganic fertilizer. FarmBox Dubai works mostly with the European farmers because in Europe they have the strictest obtention of organic certification. The shortest supply chain in all over UAE maintains the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Public perception about Organic Food

Taste– Instead of compromising with taste and texture Farmbox Organic Fruit UAE delight you with your favorite nutritious and healthy meal. Taste is definitely an individual matter, but the people are choosing organic food to prepare because they believe it has superior taste and quality.

Health & Safety – Health benefits of organic food as compared to conventional food are following Antioxidant Capacity, Pesticide Reduction, Immune System, Heart Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Environmental Safety, Better Taste, and Animal Welfare. Farmbox Farms UAE protects the life of the planet and the health of the consumer. In this system of nutrition the organic fruits, vegetables are cultivated without pesticides and without hurting anything on earth.

100 % Organic – organic food support wildlife habitats. An organic food specified as 100 % organic if all ingredients, any processing aids must be certified organic and Product labels must state the name of the certifying agent on the information panel.

Difference between “Organic” & “Natural”

“Natural” and “organic” are not interchangeable terms. All the fruits and vegetable must be either completely organic or made of all organic ingredients. Organic food is healthier than natural food and is the main reason for increasing its demand in last few years. An increasing number of consumers are also of the opinion that Organic Fruits and Vegetables Al Ain tastes better. Because organic food is grown in well-balanced soil, it makes sense that these healthy fruits and vegetables have a great taste.

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