Apples - Granny Smith

Apples - Granny Smith

Italy / per 1.5 kg Punnet
AED 15.75

Green apples are the greenest apples that exist! The green apple’s white flesh is hard, crispy, and juicy with an acidic, sweet-but-tart flavor. Green Apples are high in vitamin C and dietary fiber, and a good source of potassium. The antioxidants in apples help prevent respiratory disease, while the fiber helps with digestion and reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Apples are also low in fat with no cholesterol.
Green apples are best consumed when fresh and raw. Due to their high acidity, green apples often pack a great and succulent bite whenever consumed. This acidity for the apples can also be a great tool for many desserts, pies, cakes and tarts.