Banana & Peach Breakfast Organic - HiPP

Banana & Peach Breakfast Organic - HiPP

Germany / per 230g
AED 24.36

Getting your baby food right is essential when it comes to your little one's tummy. HiPP’s organic Banana & Peach Breakfast is made with rice, banana and peach blended with milk. Banana and Peach breakfast is rich with calcium, iron and vitamins. Simply add water!

HiPP are a global company that create some of the most delicious organic baby food in the market without hurting the environment. With organically certified and environmentally sustainable factories across Europe, HiPP ensure that all of the products in their popular range are not only nutritious, healthy and safe for your little one, but also environmentally friendly. Look out for HiPP formula milk, baby food, cereals and snacks for newbord babies to young children.

Suitable for babies 4 months and above.