Brown Eggs - AlJazira

Brown Eggs - AlJazira

United Arab Emirates / per pack of 6 eggs

Sourced from a local farmer in the UAE, these half dozen fresh brown eggs are perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re baking a cake, frying some eggs for breakfast or cooking up a family feast, having eggs in the kitchen is always useful. High in protein to power you through the day, these nutritious eggs are fresh from the farm and are guaranteed to be high in flavor too.

Al Jazira poultry farm is UAE’s premiere egg farm, established in 1999. Their model for poultry farming and innovative processes have made them the leading egg brand in the country. Expert egg farmers with over two decades experience the Al Jazira range includes the freshest DHA Omega 3, Vitamin E, Selenium and Lutein enriched eggs. With strict quality control measures in place, Al Jazira ensure the highest levels of hygiene and bio-security in their farms.Hens are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet in a stress free environment, and you can taste the goodness on your plate!