Fresh Low Fat Milk - Marmum

Fresh Low Fat Milk - Marmum

United Arab Emirates
17.85 AED
per 3 litres
Choosing 100% pure low fat cow’s milk is a fantastic alternative for those who want creamy milk without the added richness of regular full fat milk. Packed with Vitamins A, D3, E & K2, low fat milk gives you the pleasures of full cream milk while maintaining a lower calorie count and reduced fat with no added water or additives or milk powder. Keep things fresh while growing your bones and managing your calories with our low fat milk.
Home to over 4200 Holstein Cattle which produce approximately 52.5 million liters of milk every year, Marmum prioritizes animal welfare and ensures its cattle are well cared for and comfortable. The first farm of its kind based in the boiling UAE, this means temperature controlled sheds, top quality feed and constant access to clean water, for their cows which maintains their health and happiness. Marmum’s commitment to sustainability means they are always developing new methods to minimise their impact on the environment while maintaining the highest standards of dairy for you, the customer.
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