Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

United Arab Emirates / per basket - 8kg
AED 189.39

The availability of the basket content might change depending on the their harvest season. The unavailable item will be substituted with an item of a similar variety.

Grapes White Seedless 500g
Grapes Red Seedless 500g
Strawberry 250g
Rambutan 500g
Honey Pineapple 1.10 kg
Kiwi (Green) 350g (3pcs)
Navel Orange 400g (2pcs)
Mango 700g (1pc)
Pears (Forelle) 450g (3 Pcs)
Nectarine 500g (3 pcs)
Plums Black 400g (4 pcs)
Granny Smith Green Apple 350g (3 pcs)
Royal Gala Apple 550g (3 pcs)
Pink Lady Apple 550g (3 pcs)
Avocado Hass 200g (1pc)
Mandarin 450g (4 pcs)
Pomegranate 250g (1pc)