Mineral Still Water - Lanjaron

Mineral Still Water - Lanjaron

Spain / per 12 bottles of 1.5 litres
AED 87.50
AED 109.38
Lanjaron mineral water is one of the leading water brands in the Middle East, known for their high mineral count. Sourced in the Sierra Nevada of Spain, Lanjaron has quickly become a favorite of our customers who are on the go! The bottles are also made from 25-50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.
The purity and superior taste of Lanjarón natural mineral water is thanks to the natural filtration that gives the water its excellent quality. Collected from the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range at Source Salud, which is filled with water that has filtered at is passes through the mountains. With no rivers feeding directly into this mountain range, the water comes straight from the sky – snow and rain in its purest form. Because our bodies benefit from minerals but don’t produce it, mineral water is an important addition to your daily intake. Catching the minerals from the rocks as it passes through, Lanjarón sets itself apart from other waters with its rich mineral content.
These 1.5l bottles are perfect for storage and long-term use, domestically and commercially. Our bottles are made with BPA free, recycled plastic.