Organic Apple Juice - Sunblast

Organic Apple Juice - Sunblast

Germany / per 10 packs of 200ml

A popular children's all-time favorite, Sunblast Organic Apple Juice is made with natural and organic ingredients. Stock up on this alternative healthy drink option for your childen, the spill-proof pouches make them great for on-the-go refreshment.

Sun Blast Organic Juice is a proud product of the UAE. Producers of healthy, organic juices, their ‘no junk promise’ assures thirsty customers and concerned parents that there is no added sugars or artificial flavourants, colourants or preservatives inside Sun Blast's family-friendly packaging, just 100% pure juice.

Sunblast Organic Apple Juice is the perfect drink to pair with children's lunches - what's great is that they are easy to pack with children's lunchboxes and are completely safe.