Organic Whole Milk - Koita

12.50 AED per Litre
Koita milk is EU certified long life organic milk that’s high in calcium for strong bones and teeth, and high in vitamin A and vitamin D to support the immune system. Imported from Italy, Koita organic whole fat milk is produced by grass fed, free range cows. Containing 3.6% fat, this full cream milk has a rich and creamy taste that’s delicious on its own, or in cereals, smoothies and coffee. With a six month shelf life, a special steam heat treatment means zero artificial preservatives are used in Koita organic milk.
Founded by parents wanting the best for their little ones, Koita’s years of travels and research into organic produce and happy grass-fed cows took them to Italy. Today, all Koita organic milk comes from cattle grazing the lush farmlands of the Italian countryside. Koita’s UHT steaming process means that their top quality, creamy long life milks can be stored for months without the use of preservatives, making it a family favourite. Koita also specialise in dairy-free milk alternatives such as rice milk, soya milk and oat milk, as well as flavoured milk for children. Plus, every time you buy Koita milk, they donate to charity!

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