Organic Whole Wheat Loaf bread

Organic Whole Wheat Loaf bread

United Arab Emirates / per packet - 585g
AED 12.0

Organic whole wheat bread, this pre-sliced loaf from The Better Bread Co contains just four ingredients and none of the stuff that gives bread a bad name, like sugars, preservatives or additives. Baked fresh from organic wheat flour, organic yeast, sea salt and water, this tasty whole wheat bread (585g) makes sandwiches a whole lot healthier. This 100% vegan bread is also made with artisan methods and soft French wheat that improves digestibility and preserves the freshness of the bread for longer. As soft wheat is lower in protein, the bread naturally has less gluten which makes it easier for your body to digest Pre-sliced for your convenience, these organic loaves are great for the lunchbox, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re only feeding your family and yourself with bread made with natural ingredients.