Organic Zucchini Green

10.35 AED per piece - avg 300g to 400g
Organic green capsicums are the youngest of the organic capsicum family with a slightly more savoury taste to go with it. They are medium to large sized organic capsicums that are round, square shaped with a thick stem. Their dark green skin is smooth and firm. Organic green capsicums have a crunchy texture with an aromatic and almost bitter taste, unlike other organic capsicums.
Organic green capsicums or green peppers can be had raw or can be cooked in various ways such as grilling, barbequing, stir-frying or baking. Organic green capsicums can be chopped and added to green salads, salsa or mixed with red and orange organic capsicums or served with dips such as hummus!

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Piece - avg 300g to 400g
4.45 AED