Pineapple Powwow - Essentially

United Arab Emirates
29.00 AED per 473ml
Dive into the sweet side of life with Pineapple Powwow cold pressed juice- loaded with vitamin C, this drink is an antioxidant powerhouse and an energy booster.
Our partners at Essentially are a 100% homegrown juice brand created by a health-conscious couple who believe in the power of optimum nutrition. Healthy without compromise, Essentially uses superior, carefully sourced organic produce, and striving to support their farmer friends in the Middle East means some of their vegetables go from farm to kitchen in just 30 minutes! During cold press hydraulic pressing, nine tons of pressure gently extracts every drop of juice and nutrition from organic fresh fruits and veggies. Thanks to hydraulic pressing, Essentially juices contain nearly five times the nutritional value of those produced by a standard juicer. No sugars, sweeteners or preservatives are used in Essentially juices, and the result is the healthiest juices, which taste fresh and healthy too.
This fresh and minty package is perfect as a regular drink and to build up your immune system and combat inflammation.

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