Tomatoes on the Vine - Pure Harvest

United Arab Emirates
8.75 AED
per 5 pieces - avg 700g
Vine tomatoes are garden variety tomatoes that are picked right before they ripen, making them the freshest of the lot. Vine tomatoes are fleshy, full of moisture and quite a few seeds. As a savoury staple in most kitchens, vine tomatoes are one of the more popular variations of tomato used in recipes. Pure Harvest tomatoes are locally grown in the UAE using the latest farming innovations and are famous for their incredible taste.
Our partners at Pure Harvest are no ordinary farmers. With industry leading and high tech farms, the team at Pure Harvest have reimagined what great farming can be. What's more, they are based here in the UAE! Creating the best quality produce is no easy task, that's why Pure Harvest invested in high-tech greenhouses that create the ideal climate and environment for growing wholesome and natural tomatoes - their speciality. In addition, theit technology has allowed them to reduce the water and energy needed to farm, making Pure Harvest the benchmark in sustainable farming.
Considered a very easy ingredient to use, vine tomatoes are usually bright red or green. They can be used raw in salads or juices but can also be baked, fried, barbecued or pureed. Vine tomatoes are frequently used for salads, pizza toppings or omelettes but also can be cooked as a standalone dish.
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4 pieces - avg 400g
6.50 AED